Flight training

We are currently only doing transition training for new owners of our Viper SD4. We are preparing to open up full flight school operation soon.

Why choose us?

Modern Fleet

We believe that flight instruction should prepare you for flying in today’s world. That is why we do our training in a fleet of modern aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and current engines.

Best Value

We provide outstanding pilot training with current aircraft that have new technology and best safety features, and with highly qualified instructors at fair prices.

Safety First

Our aircraft have great glide ratio and range which are crucial in emergency procedures. In addition, each of our aircraft is equipped with a ballistic rescue system. Yes, the entire plane you will fly has a parachute that is there to save you in emergency situations.

Wide Array Of Certifications

We can help you with many different types of certifications, whether you are new to aviation or looking for more advanced training.

Sport Pilot

Private Pilot

Most pilots start their aviation career here.

Instrument Rating

Opens up the possibilities of flying under IFR conditions.

Commercial Pilot

It allows pilots to get paid for their work. An essential step towards a career in aviation.